06 Jun 2021

Rolling, Crawling, Teething, Walking… and they continue GROWING.

Smiling, Responding, Speaking, Playing... milestones they keep ACHIEVING.

A different world around them, they can’t stop EXPLORING.

Let’s help them open the doors of life with the gift of READING.

Reading books is a great habit to have for anyone – children or adults. Children who read well and read more, enjoy reading and children who enjoy reading, read more. So, inculcating the reading habit in your little miracles right from the toddler age will create magic in their lives.

Why should reading habit be encouraged from the toddler age?

  • Literacy development starts much earlier than you think

During toddler years kids make big leaps in their vocabulary. Reading out loud with action gets them interested in the story and sets the foundation for later independent reading.

  • High Social and Emotional Development

According to research by Dr Alan Mendelsohn, an associate professor of paediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, reading can shape cognitive as well as social  and emotional development. Such kids will also have social and educational advantages over their peers.

  • Feed those curious minds at the right age

Reading gives answers to the curious mind and at the same time reading creates more curiosity. Students who start kindergarten behind form the largest group of dropouts, and they have less than a 12 % chance of attending a four-year university. (https://www.readingfoundation.org)

  • Glue them to books, not gadgets

Reading is a better substitute for reducing the screen time of kids and a great way to spend time with your kids. Reading together regularly can help your toddler feel safe and comfortable and develops a strong connection with you. 

  • Reading and health go hand in hand

According to Nemours (USA), one of the largest nonprofit organizations devoted to children's health, every book you read is a building block for future reading success and a step towards healthy living. Research (REFER: https://bilingualkidspot.com)on the importance of reading shows that specific areas of the brain are affected when young children have reading exposure at home from an early age. 


By - Vasudha Karia

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