12 May 2021

By - Vasudha Karia

When a child is taught to read, the process of learning has a profound influence on the entire functioning and development of the brain. In the first six years, children learn at a much faster pace than at any other time in their lives.

Numerous studies have shown that strong oral language skills are the basis for literacy development. (REFER:http://www.teachreadingearly.com)

It Imparts General knowledge, good vocabulary, improved attention span, better concentration. Early reading ignites the child's creativity and imagination.

Every parent wishes their child to spend more time with books over mobile games or videos. But unfortunately, the advent of ready content in the digital world has made it too attractive and too addictive. But the hope is not lost. There are some simple ways you can make your child spend more time with books than with gadgets.

Won’t you like when your child opts for reading books over gadgets?

Here are some tips to develop a love for reading.

  1. Follow the child’s interest

Choose books that are aligned with your child’s interests to hold their attention and draw them into the reading experience.

For example, a child who loves sea animals will be more open to reading a book about sharks, while another who loves vehicles may prefer a car-related story. Visit a book store and let your kids pick some books which interest them.

Fill home with favourite colouring books and magazines for kids. 

  1. Put books at easy access

Have small baskets to keep books in every room. The books should be at easy reach for the child. The things which are easy to access are more likely to be picked up by a child.

  1. Make Reading a Part of Your Routine

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, inculcating positive reading habits from the start will help your child become a fluent reader in the future. One way to achieve this is to structure reading into your daily schedule. maybe just for 15 minutes before bedtime makes it a routine to read a story with your kids. It goes a long way.

  1. Gift books to the friends of your kids instead of toys

Let your kid choose the book instead of a toy for birthday gifts for friends. This will help them develop an interest in books themselves. 

  1. Visit the Library Regularly

Make a visit to your neighbourhood library to expose your child to a vast range of books covering a multitude of topics. If you don't have a library nearby there are some book borrow programs that you can subscribe to. 

  1. Read the magazines along with your child.

You can start with cartoons in the comics section or the stories page and gradually to other pages.

  1. have a reward system for your kids

You can set small goals for your kids. Once they finish reading a book or a section of the book they earn some sort of reward. This will keep them encouraged towards reading.

With a positive attitude and a conducive environment, you can cultivate a love for reading in your child. 

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