08 Apr 2021

By: Renu Patle

Congratulations! If you are reading this article. You have decided to pen down your ideas for children which is the first step towards writing beautiful content for them. We often think it is very simple to write for children as they need simple language and simple thoughts. But believe me! children of reading age have incredible comprehension skills. Today’s children are fast, curious, and habitual of ready video content. In such cases, it is pretty challenging to write an attractive story or article for young readers. Here are some cool tips for you to write great articles and stories for children.

Structure your piece in a flow

Like any story writing technique, you should structure your story in a natural flow. The introduction, the main body and in the end conclusion or revelation of the final plot. Once the structure is ready according to the flow it becomes very easy to fill them with your creative thoughts.

Keep the element of surprise

Include a few elements of surprise in your write up. That means do not reveal everything about your story/article right away. You can build up the mystery in the current section as you are approaching the next paragraph of your write-up. for example, the mundane style would be

          “The Monkey brought a banana from the tree”

but the same could be rewritten with ab element of surprise

“You know what the monkey got from the tree? A BANANA!”

Go Back to your own childhood

It is very important to understand the psychology of your readers for a successful write up. For writing for children you don’t necessarily need to be a parent or a teacher. You can go back to your own childhood and see what your thought process was at that age? How did you perceive the world? That is going to help you tremendously in walking the shoes of your target readers.

Keep it simple

“It is so difficult to be simple!” That is a very deep phase coined by a wise. We are so used to our adulthood that we often forget how to simplify things. Kids are still developing the understanding of the world and complex write up is going to throw their interest off. Keep the young person in mind and write small but effective sentences. Usage of easy language and relatable example goes a long way.

Stay away from preaching or lecture styles

Kids get enough preaching and lectures at school already. Moral stories, straight forward lectures are super boring for them. Therefore try to convey your message via creative storytelling. The same information which usually is given as the crux of the story could be done by the flow of events or by leaving open questions to the reader.

Keep reading for inspiration

There is an incredible amount of literature and books available for children already. You should keep reading some of the popular books and articles for children for inspiration. This helps a lot in shaping your writing skills and building kid-friendly vocabulary.

If you incorporate these points while writing you will come up with amazing ways to present your content to the children. Happy writing and stay creative!

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