What is Mogool Magazine?

Children are little bundles of happiness filled with unending dreams, free spirit, and a lot of curiosity. We, at Mogool, cherish these qualities and work to shape their dreams, satisfy their curiosity, and give them unforgettable reading experiences. Every issue of Mogool magazine is packed with engaging stories, informative quizzes, and a lot of entertaining content curated specially for kids aged 5-14. The magazine is filled with a variety of topics so that it expands the curious brains of children. Right from exciting and inspirational stories to informative science articles, from fun facts to tips for kids, from comics to jokes, from puzzles to activities, we have it all. And do you know what’s the most exciting thing about these all? It’s that we create it in a simplified manner so that it stays in their minds forever. Now is your little one keen to travel? We know it! That’s exactly why we have a special section dedicated to inspire and inform kids about some super cool destinations around the world. And all our creator little friends need not worry because we’ve got a space where they can send their entries to publish with us. Wait! Do you like surprises? Because that’s not it, we’ve got a lot of surprises for you and your little ones in there.

Work with us

We value and cherish our creators. If you think we can work, learn, and grow together, we invite you to share your work with us.