18 Apr 2021

By - Vasudha Karia

Having a birthday party or a playdate at home is always exciting for kids. But, it requires a whole lot of preparations for parents to be equipped with all the necessary things that kids may ask for, at any moment so as to avoid disappointing them.

Here are some handy tips to help you make a kid’s party a lot of fun -

For kids age group 2 to 5 years 

The attention span for this age group is comparatively less. So parents have to keep entertaining them. These kids enjoy-

    • Bounce houses

    • Chasing and popping bubbles

    • Face paintings with bunnies, tigers, butterflies - oh my! They love it.

    • Keep party snacks healthy, simple and accessible. Finger foods like tiny jam sandwiches, cut fruits, flavored yogurt cups, crackers are mostly favorites.

For kids age group 5 to 8 years

Kids of this age group need one or the other activity to keep up their excitement. They like - 

    • Freeze dance

    • Craft activities

    • Memory game

    • Pinata - it's a lot of fun for kids when a lot of sweets and surprises are just showered upon them.

    • These kids also enjoy outdoor parties like in a public park, but the parents have to make very sure to be attentive and alert in making arrangements for children's safety and security while having fun.

    • These age kids surely enjoy mini pizzas, chips & dips, juices, etc.

For kids age group 8 and above

This age group considers themselves like grown-up kids. They can cope up with the ideas of winners and losers, so for them, you can choose from the following -

    • Competitive games like Scavenger hunt, a football match on the court, and playing Frisbee at the park.

    • Food choices vary from child to child but still, common favorites could be burgers, french fries, juices, smoothies, etc. 

    • These kids can also be involved in making their own mini snacks like crackers topped with cheese and veggies, sandwiches or lime juice.

There can be thousands of ideas to make kids’ parties or play dates full of fun. But, parents do need to consider the preferences of their kids, the time available to make preparations, and the budget.

Have fun at your party!

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