09 Aug 2021

By - Vasudha Karia


As parents we always want our kids to have sharp minds and develop a love of learning without getting stressed out. It is essential to invoke the full potential of the mind for physical, mental and emotional well being.

Let’s look at some effective ways to improve your child’s brainpower. 

  1. Proper sleep for revitalized brain

While children are sleeping, their brains are busy processing and organizing all the information they were exposed to during the day. An age-appropriate amount of sleep leads to improvement in memory and aids logical and mathematical reasoning. The recommended number of hours of sleep for school-aged kids is 8 - 9 hours ( REFER: https://www.sleepfoundation.org).

  1. Brain nourishing food

Good nutrition plays an important role in improving your child’s mental abilities.  Eating junk food makes a child sluggish while food rich in proteins have the ability to raise awareness and increase concentration levels.

  1. 5-minute deep breathing

Combining simple relaxation techniques such as deep breathing with positive visual imagery helps the brain to learn new skills. Sitting for prayers in the morning or evening can be combined with 5 minutes of deep breathing.

  1. Incorporate multi-sensory learning, physical activities and thinking games

Engaging multiple senses in the learning process engages multiple areas of the brain making it more efficient. Physical activity builds more than just muscles–it sharpens the brain. Just 20 minutes of physical activity is beneficial. ( A study by the Medical College of Georgia stated). Playing a sport regularly boosts blood flow to the brain. Crossword?puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and card games such as ‘Memory’ and ‘Uno’ improve attention.

 5. Multiple language Learning improves brain capabilities

Learning multiple languages helps the brain to control, direct, manage attention and plan well.

6. Limit Electronic Use, learn  music and formal sports

A study from Northwestern University has shown that gadgets reduce the attention span and memory power of children. Instead, learning to play an instrument strengthens the brain.


7. Teach Positive Internal Dialogue

Teach your child to eliminate negative self-talk and build self-confidence by practising positive internal dialogue, such as: “I can do this. I’ll be OK!”; “I’ll do my best.”

These ideas have been proven by science to invoke the hidden brain potential of kids.

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