Story: The Witty Panda

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The Witty Panda

By Aarush Mundra, Age 9

Once upon a time in a deep jungle in china , there was a lion. He was the king of the Jungle, there was a little Panda, Elephants, giraffes , zebras, Monkeys, deer etc.
The panda was very clever and he was the favourite animals of the king. Everyday the lion used to keep at least one activity. One day the lion kept an activity that everyone has to go to the river and go the other side by swimming and come back. After listening to the king’s order everybody started to prepare for swimming.
Elephant was the first one to wear his swimming suit.As soon as he jumped into the river because of his heavy weight a lot of water splashed like rain on all the animals standing outside then elephant laughed out loudly Ha Ha Ha !!!!! .
There was that little Panda also, he started shouting :Elephant Dada….. Elephant Dada… Elephant got little worried . Suddenly came out of water and said :– What happened ? The Panda said nothing you can go Elephant dada . Elephant became little angry , he said- you little panda, if nothing happened then why did you call me ? The little panda said: I just wanted to check whether you were wearing my swimming suit . Every other animal started laughing at this quick witted panda.

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