Story: Technology Meets Tribes

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Technology Meets Tribes

By Ansh Gautam, Age 9

Onces upon a time a boy lived in a city who loves to play Mobile games and her mom used to scold her due to excess playing. one day he went to picnic with his parents at River side .there was Jungle on other side. He carried his phone there as well and playing games. Suddenly he lost his Phone .
But due to fear he didn’t tell his parents. Then after sometime Jungle tribes came to river side for some work. So they found some strange rectangular thing. One Child picked up and kept in pocket.
They came back to jungle .Children used to play catch catch / find the object etc.with rectangular objects ,every child wanted to play with unique objects which started fight among them, one suddenly one day they heard some sound from that object, all afraid and run away .
And informed elders . All were worried what object it is which sometime flashes some lights ,sometime sound. This alien object have bothered them a lot.
No one was able to sleep. Next day morning all decided to through this crazy object from where they brought it.
Here Boy was getting bored so one day he told his father everything how he lost his phone. So he and his father decided to go that spot to search.
So when they reached on same places ,saw lot of tribal people made a circle and doing some chanting and mobile was kept inside the circle.
So Boy gave rang on his mobile and suddenly it started giving sound so all tribal ran away to jungle in fear.
And Boy grab his mobile and came back.
Here Tribes were also happy that that alien object had disappeared from their life which was useless and created so much problem to them.

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