Story: Mihir Saves The Day

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Mihir Saves The Day 

By – Mahir Toshniwal, Age 9 yrs

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Mahir, he was a spy and nobody knew it. Mahir was an 18 years boy and had a body like athlete. He had a commander named – Alex, nobody knew Alex’s surname and it still remains a mystery. Quite a while ago a villain named Mesagog broke out prison. His dream was to return the world to it’s dinosaur age.   He was once dinosaur but he drank something that made him human. It is said – he planted a nuclear bomb in every city in the CIA.

The MI6  have been doing their best to track Mesagog . Mahir knows where Mesagog is hiding but he does not have enough power to take him down. One day Mahir found some strange thing in the garden while he was digging and suddenly , he was teleported to Mesagog’s base . Some word came out of his mouth and he became invisible .Now the power of invisibility then Mesagog and Mahir fought and Mesagog was destroyed and Nuclear bomb also found by CIA with the help of Mahir and all lived happily ever after.

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