GK QUIZ – By Ansh Gautam, Age 9

Hello friend, please enjoy solving this quiz


  1. What is the top of the Pyramid covered with?
  • A. Platinum
  • B. Silver.
  • C. Gold.
  • D. None of these

2. When you can see a black hole?

  • A. When it will suck a star.
  • B. When it will come near the earth.
  • C. When a black hole is forming.
  • D. None of these

3. How is OIL formed from these options?

  • A. From fossilized animals on the sea bed.
  • B. From Rocks on the sea bed.
  • C. From Skeleton of the fishes
  • D. None of these

4. Which is the fourth largest county area wise on the earth?

  • A. Brazil
  • B. Russia
  • C. United State of America
  • D. None of these

5. What is the study of the flag called?

  • A. Astronomy
  • B. Vexillology
  • C. Biology
  • D. Ornithology

6. Which Fruit is called the King of Fruits?

  • A. Durian
  • B. Pine Nuts
  • C. Passion Fruit
  • D. Mango

7. A Gemstone named JET is of which color?

  • A. Colourless
  • B. Blue
  • C. Purple
  • D. None of these

8. Which is the longest Venomous Snake?

  • A. King Cobra
  • B. Coral Snake
  • C. Anaconda
  • D. None of these

9. Which is the Ancient Roman God of Fire & Metalworkers?

  • A. Apollo
  • B. Zues
  • C. Vulcan
  • D.None of These

10. What is the name of Persian Mythical Creature who shoots deadly spines from its tail, has a Lion’s body and Human face?

  • A. Kappa
  • B. Anansi
  • C. Manticore
  • D. None of these

Answer : 1. C ,Gold 2. A ,When it will suck a star 3. A, From Fossilized animal on the sea Bed. 4. C, USA (excluding territories) otherwise its China. 5. B , Vexillology 6. A, Durian 7. D, none of these (BLACK) 8. A ,King Cobra 9. C, Vulcan 10. C, Manticore

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