Focus On Positive Things – Means A Lot For Your Child

“The research clearly shows that happy, optimistic children are the product of happy, optimistic homes, regardless of genetic makeup.”

Bob Murray, Ph.D., author of Raising an Optimistic Child.

From birth, children need experiences and relationships that show them they’re valued, capable human beings who bring pleasure to others. Positive attention, reactions and responses from key grown-ups help children build a picture of how valued they are. Let us see why is it important to focus on positive things in your child?

  • Make those little bundle of joy confident human beings

Children remember the positive things we tell them.  They actually store them up and repeat our encouraging words to themselves, which makes them feel loved and wanted.  Make sure you practice giving your child lots of encouragement every day. This helps them to be a confident person in life.

  • Self esteem – Lets Boost it up

Parents are more capable of promoting their child’s self-esteem than anyone else.  This can be done by praising a positive action of your child or to reinforce a child’s behaviour. For eg. – when your child shows a talent, you could say, “You had a great game today! OR “I really liked how you came in for dinner on time tonight. 

  • Establish a strong emotional bonding

According to

Positive attention is when you respond to your child with warmth and interest. It helps your child feel secure and valued. When the child is pointed out for the positive things, child feels happy, secured and it helps develop a strong emotional connect with the parents.

  • Positive outlook in life for everything

“ As you sow, so shall you reap”.

If parents focus on positive qualities of kids, they will gradually learn to see the positive side of everything which will be a great step towards making them an optimistic human being.

So, to conclude –

“Each Child – born with the qualities so unique…

Encourage the positive traits, give the guidance when they seek.”

By – Vasudha Karia

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