A Child Well Read Has A Mind Well Fed

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” —Joseph Addison

Each child is born with three basic powers – Intellect, Movement and Will. As they grow, the last two develop naturally and reading can unfold the world of possibilities which develops their intellect. Let’s find out why reading is the most nutritious diet for the mind.

  • Exercises brains

Brain is the most amazing part of the body. It comes up with creative ways to express thoughts, emotions and coordinates different body movements. According to Elise Caccappolo, an associate professor of neuro-psychology at Columbia University, reading keeps one’s brain sharp and healthy throughout lifetime. Reading habit from childhood strengthens brain connections.

  • Improves concentration

Children have to sit still and quiet while reading so that they can focus. If they read regularly as they grow up, they develop the ability to do this for longer and longer periods. The very nature of reading encourages the brain to work harder and better.“Typically, when you read, you have more time to think. Reading gives you a unique pause button for comprehension and insight. says Maryanne Wolf. (REFER : https://www.thehealthy.com)

  • Develops imagination

According to the ongoing research at Haskins Laboratories for the Science of the Spoken and Written Word, reading, unlike watching or listening to media, gives the brain more time to stop, think, process, and imagine the narrative in from of us.

  • Develops empathy

Reading is known to improve kids’ ability to relate to others. Hence making them more empathetic.

  • Calms the mind

The more we read, the more our brains are able to link cause and effect which leads to less anxieties making mind calmer.

In a world where information is the new currency, reading is the best source for continuous learning, acquiring knowledge and more of that currency.

By – Vasudha Karia

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